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Customized Preparation

Scale the GRE heights by narrowing down,then eliminating your errors

Identical GRE Tests

Tests identical to GRE in every way, be it aesthetics,questions, levels or adaptability

Diagnostic-Analytical Services

Get a diagnostic report minutely dissecting your performance on the real GRE

Personalised Expert Supervision

Converse with us about your areas of concern and get a bird’s eyeview/wholesome understanding

Analysis Tools

Monitor your improvement simultaneously learning about your strengths and weaknesses

Anytime Availability

Round the clock Study. No fixed timings. Utilize your time, your way.

Smart Product, for a Smart Generation!

At Anannt we use artificial intelligence to analyse the response pattern of a student , then customizing the learning process individually hence ensuring the optimum utilisation of a student’s abilities and eliminating his/her weakness. Our unique productis centered around the pedagogical aspect of cognitive psychology regarding learning principles and hence possessing the potential to enhance individual score.

Take a peek into the future of education,
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Why Choose Us?

“our students are our rockstars!”

Trust us we have been there! To put yourselves through the grind, study, jump through mental and strategic hoops for competitive exams is no cakewalk, that’s why we are here, to help you sail through the exam smoothly! So bring it on whether you have questions, queries, Ninja GRE moves to discuss or just give a shout out, we are here for you!

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Started using Anannt today, and i’m already in love.It helps me plan, study at my convenience,understand my mistakes.Many thanks to Anannt team for creating this awesome product!

GRE aspirant